Premium-quality Play Mats For Babies

We Supply The Finest Play Mats For Babies In Dubai

At Customized Logo Mats, we offer the most comfortable, vibrant, and health-friendly play mats for babies dubai of every age group. The build quality as well as finishing of our soft mats is the most sublime of all options you can find in the market. Have a look at our latest matting options!

Play Mats For Babies
Play Mats For Babies

Material & Measurement Details Of Our Play Mats For Babies Dubai

We offer suitable, hygienic, and comfy mats for every gender and age group. These are designed with high-quality and non-toxic PVC, PU or EVA Foam, Natural Fabrics, Synthetic Fabrics, and oftentimes Cork, Silicone, or Rubber.

Following are some standard sizes available for these mats:

  • 2 feet x 3 feet
  • 79 inch x 59 inch
  • 4 feet x 6 feet
Play Mats For Babies

Soft & Durable Play Mats For Every Requirement

Amongst our huge collections, you can easily find the best mats for your young ones and ensure safe, healthy, and beneficial playing and tummy times for them.

Here are some of the best sellers at our store:

  • Extra Large Baby Play Mat
  • Foam Playmats For Babies
  • Foldable Play Mats Dubai For Babies
  • Sensory Playing Mats For Babies
  • Waterproof Play Mats
Play Mats for babies

Explore Our Best Baby Mats 2024

Get Specialized Custom Play Mats For Babies Dubai

To ensure maximum satisfaction of yours and the wellness of your baby, we also offer custom design services for these mats. With this servicing, you can get your hands on premium-quality matting that’s the perfect fit for your baby or toddler, his/her age and development requirements, health conditions, and your preferences. Our professionals are available round the clock to offer the best suggestions. Reach out today!

Play Mats for Babies
Play Mats For Babies Dubai

Beneficial Features Of Our Play Mats For Babies

Our best baby play mats will play a vital role in the healthiest development of your precious babies. Here’s how:

  • They help babies in developing control over their coordination and movements.
  • The vibrant colors and engaging designs of our mats improve the visual perception of babies as well as the skills of reaching and grasping objects.
  • Our sensory mats promote self-awareness, cognitive development, and sensory stimulation.
  • The soft and thick surfaces of our matting ensure maximum safety and protection for your child from all sorts of hazards and discomfort.
  • Cleaning and caring for these waterproof mats is very easy. This also makes them portable and hence beneficial during traveling or when outdoors.

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Why Choose Us?

Customized Logo Mats is a top-rated provider of play mats for babies Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our eco-friendly, healthy, and durable mats will be your ideal parenting/babysitting companion and will ensure maximum physical plus mental wellness for your children. In addition to ready-made choices, we also offer custom-made mats for extra benefits. Other than being hypoallergenic, our mats are highly resistant to stains and marks and require minimal maintenance. Most importantly, they are highly budget-friendly and cost-effective too.

Satisfied Customers

We have been serving homeowners in Dubai for many years and our matting products have always earned maximum warm approvals.

Mat Varieties

 We offer plenty of playing mat choices in terms of materials, sizes, shapes, learning motifs/designs, patterns, prints, and colors

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

The foremost factor to consider is the size of the mat; it should be large enough to provide your baby with plenty of room for moving and playing. Besides, it must not have any harsh edges and should be non-toxic and odorless. Also, it should be stain-resistant and very easy to clean.

Babies can be put on a playing mat as soon as they are 2 to 3 weeks or a month old and can comfortably lay on the mat without holding. Moreover, they can be put on the mat for tummy time, rolling, sitting, crawling, and interaction with toys or objects meant for learning.

Yes, our premium baby playing mats can be used outdoors. This makes them useful during visits to parks, gardens, picnics, etc. Plus, they are highly stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily and quickly in case of any accidents. Also, they have high moisture and UV resistance.

The play time for newborns and 2-month-old babies should be around 20 to 30 minutes at a time, according to experts. For babies that are 2 to 4 months old, it can be up to 45 to 90 minutes. As for 6 to 8-month-old babies, the play time should be around 1 to 2 hours a day.

Best Quality Play Mats for babies