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Our floor mats are supplied in all the areas of the United Arab Emirates. We have been serving people in Dubai for several years and now stand out as a leading brand. We will provide you with our finest-quality ablution mats Dubai, which are designed to last incredibly longer.

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Buy Premium Quality Ablution Mats Dubai

At Customized Logo Mats, we offer you a complete range of Islamic mats from which you can choose according to your requirements. Our professionally crafted mats feature premium-quality materials. People specifically love to purchase our water-absorbent ablution mats, which are meant to last for years with no damage.

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We always aim to prioritize our customer’s preferences and convenience. You can visit our online store and can select your desired ablution floor mats for your space. Additionally, you can also place an order online by contacting our professionals, and we will make sure that you receive your parcel on time and in perfect condition.

Ablution Mats Dubai

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Buy Anti-Slip Safety Ablution Mats Dubai

Our Ablution mats dubai play an important role in transforming your bath mat area into a safe space where you can perform your Wudu with convenience and safety. They can effectively prevent any slips by absorbing waterhog and also have a quality of drying quickly. Moreover, our top-quality and portable prayer mats for Wudu are easy to place and remove.

Anti-Slip Safety Ablution Mats
Ablution Sinl Mats

Ablution Mats Dubai Core Features

Our ablution mats feature an incredible build quality. These non-slip Islamic mats come with various astounding characteristics. Having a cushioning surface, they create a comfortable space for you during ablution and ensure your complete safety with their anti-slip nature.

  • These ablution mat are easy to clean.
  • These Islamic mats have anti-slip nature for your safety.
  • Our sustainable Muslim prayer rugs are water-absorbent

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Why Choose Us?

Apart from our top quality mats, another reason for our popularity in Dubai is our expert customization services. You can ask our professionals to customize your Ablution mats right according to your specific needs. Our entire working staff is knowledgeable and talented enough to understand and fulfill every requirement of our customers. We tailor your desired Islamic mats according to your preferred size, shape, color, and design. Our professionals ensure the use of premium-grade material in order to make our customers satisfied.

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With our incredible amenities and top-rated products available at very reasonable rates, we have made a lot of customers happy.


Our brand has won so many awards for being a trustworthy company in the United Arab Emirates.

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

This mat holds significant importance for Muslims because it is placed on the floor to provide a comfortable surface for worshippers for prostration. These floor coverings provide you with a clean surface for praying and sitting.

Although they both are used to perform religious activities either Wudu (ablution) or prayer. But, they differ when it comes to their durability, softness, appearance, and material options.

An ablution mat is made from distinct cotton and microfiber materials. The widely used materials are microfibre, nylon, polypropylene, coir, cotton, and natural rubber which are backed by firm and slip-resistant material.

Yes! You can find enormous one-of-a-kind designs, motifs, borders, and textures. Aside from the popular geometric and floral patterns, you can get them with foot and hand prints, specific indicators for praying, and simple lined borders.

The foremost maintenance consideration for these mats is to protect against excessive accumulation. Additionally, perform daily shaking, sweeping, and vacuuming. Also, you can machine wash and spot-clean these mats for deep cleaning.

Ablution Mats