Durable & Easily Maintainable Corridor Mats In Dubai

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We offer durable, waterproof, and easily maintainable corridor mats at discounted rates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our custom-made and stylish mats make your residential and commercial corridors a focal point for visitors. Moreover, the excellent dust, stain, moisture, mold, and fade resistance make our flooring an easily maintainable option.

Corrirdor Mats Dubai
Entrance Hallway Mat

Trendsetting Varieties Of Our Corridor Mats Dubai

Our experts craft these mats with square, rectangular, triangle, pentagon, and hexagonal shapes to provide your corridor with an eye-catching look. We also offer unique varieties of mats with stylish borders and vertical & horizontal linings. Furthermore, you can also get our plain mats in any color theme.

Decor Your Hallways With Our Stylish Mats in Dubai

Do you want to transform your hallways with unique comfort and welcoming ambiance? Go for our patterned mats. The mat’s versatile colors, unique textures, intricate patterns, and custom shapes enhance your hallway aesthetics. In addition, we also consider your corridor’s interior theme, and wall & flooring colors to choose a perfect mat.

Hallway and Entryway Mat

Choose From Our Corridor Mats in Dubai

We Offer Custom Corridor Mats For Personalized Outlook

At Customized Logo Mats, we offer endless customization options for these mats. Our experts use a wide range of durable materials including, Rubber, Coir, Nylon, Vinyl, Wool, Polypropylene, Polyester, and other synthetic fibers. You can also get our stylish mats with custom colors, patterns, textures, and shapes. Moreover, we also design customized company logos on the mat for branding. Contact us now for further details.

Sisal Runner Mat
Custom Floor Mats

What Benefits Do Our Corridor Mats Offer?

Placing our customized mats in any residential or commercial corridor unlocks endless functional and aesthetic benefits.

  • The intricate patterns, colors, and logo designs give a cozy floor appearance.
  • The use of natural and dust-resistant materials makes our mats hypoallergenic.
  • Our thick and professionally designed mats reduce walking feet’ sound and echo.
  • Anti-slip mats with textured and grip-top surfaces to ensure slip resistance.
  • Easy maintenance due to outstanding dust, stain, and moisture resistance.

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Why Choose Us?

We are Dubai’s top-rated corridor mats supplier for both residential and commercial places. We design our mats with durable and custom-made materials for easy maintenance and cleaning. Our experts also provide maximum customization options to enhance your floor outlook following your specifications.

We also provide precise mat fixing with durable backing material at affordable rates. You can also get a free quotation for your selected floor piece from our experts. Our team is available 24/07 to provide you with complete assistance from mat choosing to its maintenance.

Satisfied Customer

Our professional craftsmanship and excellent customer care always make us proud among a huge number of satisfied customers.

Custom Designs

We offer a broad spectrum of modern and traditional mat designs to ensure versatility and personalization.

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

The longevity of a corridor doormat usually depends upon its craftsmanship, materials, maintenance, and workload. However, our professionally crafted mats can last on average 10-12 years with simple cleaning and maintenance because of their quality materials.

Yes, of course, you can leave our heavy-duty and weather-resistant corridor mat outside. We design our waterproof mats with premium quality and dust, stain, and UV-resistant materials. We also cover these mats with scratch-resistant linings to make them suitable for high traffic.

Yes, of course, we can trim our coir mats to ensure perfect floor sizing. However, we try to prevent cutting but if required we use precise techniques and tools After trimming, we ensure appropriate re-stitching and bonding to prevent wear and tear.

It usually depends upon the weight and material of the mats. You can wash our lightweight mats in a machine due to their unique manufacturing with rubber backing and synthetic fibers. Use household detergent and warm water for deep cleaning and stain removal.

Unique Mat For Corridor