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Customized Logo Mats, is the largest store in the UAE, providing its customers with top-quality interlock mats. You can visit our showroom and can view our entire collection of floor mats. We cost you really low and ensure you the quality of our every product as we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction.

Interlocking Foam Floor Mats
Interlocking Foam Mats

Enhance Your Flooring with Durable Interlocking Mats

The premium-grade material that we use in the manufacturing of our interlocking tiles and mats makes them a top choice among people for places like gyms. These interlock mats are highly durable and come up at reasonable rates. Their versatility makes people buy them in any pattern or color.

We Provide Interlock Floor Mats Online At Low Prices

You are welcome to visit our online store and make a selection with the help of our professionals. Now, you can place an order by sitting at your home and getting the mats delivered to your location. We have been working in this field for years and always fulfill every requirement of our customers.

Interlocking Floor mat Dubai

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Choose Our Premium Interlock Floor Mats

Our highly sustainable and manufactured with premium quality material floor mats can be placed in various settings. You can opt for our heavy-duty interlock floor mats for industrial use. Besides, we offer you our non-slip interlock floor mats for home gyms. If you want to place them in outdoor spaces, you can go for our waterproof interlock mat. Our interlock foam mats for play areas are much popular because of their sustainability.

Interlocking Floor mat
Interlocking Floor Mats

Advantages of Our Cost-effective Interlock garage Mats

Our easy-to-place interlock gym mats feature a puzzle design that eliminates the need for any adhesive during its placement. You can invest in our interlock mats for the protection of your vehicle.They provide you with a cushioned surface and helps reduce the risk of any fall and injuries.

  • These mats are designed to withstand the heavy weights of machines.
  • Our rubber mats are perfect to be placed in garages.
  • They can effectively absorb water and have anti-slip nature.

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Why Choose Us?

At our store, we provide exceptional services to our clients, including customization. Now, you can get your personalized interlock mats crafted by our professionals. You can instruct our experts about your requirements, and they will tailor the designs, shapes, and sizes of these mats accordingly. Our entire is specialized in this field and will never let you down. We are all the time available to take your orders and to provide you with our professional assistance. Our experts will show off their capabilities by providing you with your preferred customized interlock floor mats at reasonable rates.

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We have made a lot of customers happy by fulfilling their every requirement with our expertise and earning their trust.


We have won more than 10 awards in this industry by supplying top-quality products at reasonable prices without any complaints.

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting the process, mark the tile with a pen or pencil from where you want to cut it. Take a straight-edge ruler and hold it firmly while aligning with the marked line. Use a sharp utility knife to make precise and shallow cuts through your mat and end it on the opposite side to ensure the perfect finish.

Yes! Removing the interlocking and puzzle-style mats is easier than the adhesive ones. You can easily replace and remove them when required. However, adhesive-backed mats need a sharp tool to get off the floor.

A broom or vacuum without spinning brushes can clean the dry debris from the interlocking tiles. For spills and other greasy particles, a basic household cleaner will do the trick. Make sure to remove the dirt and debris from the gaps using a leaf blower.

Unfold all the puzzles on a flat surface and identify the connection through interlocking edges. Familiarize yourself with the connecting mechanism and begin assembling from one corner. Continue adding the rows and sections consecutively while aligning the jigsaw-shaped puzzles.

The thickness of these mats is 5/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches they can be selected according to your user requirements. The thickness of these high-density mats offers you an impact or shock absorption which is suitable for a variety of applications.

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