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Customized Logo Mats is the largest store in the UAE, working for several years and offering reliable services country-wide. We believe in providing high-quality bath mats in dubai to make our customers happy. Our company aims to add value to your bathroom with our premium quality mats.

Side Viwe White Bath Mat
Luxe Home Bath Mat

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Anti-Slip mats

You can invest in our best bath mat sets which are made from high-quality material. We offer you our anti-slip bathroom mats with water-proof nature, which make them so special. Our large bath mats are most likely placed by homeowners in their bathrooms. For adding a unique touch, you can go with our round bath mat, which are totally worth buying.

Explore Our Online Collection of Bathroom Mats

We have our online store from which you can view our entire collection of bathroom mats and can place an order. Our team is always available to confirm your order, and our workers will make sure to deliver the mats to your location on time.

Anti-Slip mats Dubai

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Purchase Our Top-quality Shower Mats

Our non-slip bathroom mats are highly sustainable and are available in a large range. You can buy them in any color, size, or shape according to the area theme. We ensure the usage of top-quality material in their manufacturing process. These mats are known to be the best Shower mats in the entire UAE because of their excellent features and enhanced longevity.

Bath Mat Non-Slip
Super Absorbent Floor mat

Features Of Our Shower Mats Dubai

Whether you want to opt for our bamboo bath mat or wooden bath mat, or just simple Bath mats, they all feature incredible qualities. With the addition of style, these bathroom rugs can effectively enhance the functionality of your bathroom, as well.

  • They can absorb moisture and can provide you with a non-slip floor.
  • Our excellent quality shower mats require easy maintenance.
  • You can purchase them at really reasonable rates.

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Why Choose Us?

At Customized Logo Mats, we understand everyone wants a different style of mat. That is why we are offering you our professional customization services so that you can get your personalized mat for your area. We have a complete team of highly experienced craftsmen who understand all the requirements of customers and tailor the bathroom mats accordingly. We ensure the top quality and on-time arrival of orders with complete care. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us unique among all. Visit our online store and place your order for our customized bath mats right now.

Happy Customers

We have made hundreds of people happy with our flawless services and high-quality bathroom mats.


Our brand is an award-winning company in Dubai, bringing innovative designs to provide a modern look.

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

This initially depends on the size of your bathroom and can also be a matter of personal preference. For example, you might want a good absorbent rug next to your bathtub to keep the rest of the bathroom from getting messy or two rugs on either side of the sink to prevent splashes.

The best way to clean a bathroom mat is to wash it thoroughly every week or every other week. Make sure you use a gentle washing machine setting and cold water. Avoid excessive detergent usage and stay away from harsh materials as well. Ensure full drying of the mat afterward.

The standard sizes of bathroom rugs include 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 6’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 6’ and 5’ x 8’. A thumb rule about choosing the right size is to consider the size and layout of the bathroom interior/shower stall, i.e. larger rugs for bigger bathrooms and vice versa for a tidy look.

Yes, most bathroom floor mats can be washed in a machine and by hand as well. Make sure to read the care label to learn about washing and cleaning guidelines. Also, it is best to use cold water and mild detergents for washing or you can also use domestic cleaners like white vinegar.

Of course, we offer all kinds of custom designs for bath mats, including logo, message, sign, and welcoming phrase printing. Other than these, you can get every desired print, pattern, color combination, and effect for your bath floor mats, according to your decorative needs and taste.

Custom Bath Mats