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CLM is a top-notch brand in Dubai, UAE, supplying the best-quality custom door mats crafted from natural and synthetic fibers at reasonable prices. As the leading seller, we ensure that you get sustainable coverings with trendy designs and patterns to suit the area’s theme. Also, we do not compromise on quality when it comes to bespoke essentials.

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In this modern era, we are up to providing our customers with as much ease as possible. Thus, you have flexible options for online shopping. Visit our online store and choose the perfect mat for indoor or outdoor from an endless range. We provide you with these entryway floor coverings at highly reasonable prices.

Premium Welcome mats

What’s In Our Stock For Welcoming Custom Door Mats Dubai?

Manufactured using premium quality fibers, we provide tremendous variety for this floor covering, made from coir, rubber, nylon, polyester, wool, acrylic, jute, sisal, and brocade. Also, you can choose from traditional to modern styles to serve as the best first impression of your overall appearance of the area on your guests. Also, we have an endless variety available of our non-slip custom door mats for bathrooms and kitchenettes to perfectly protect your floor while creating a sophisticated look.

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Personalized Doorsill Mats For Absolute Comfort & Protection

We have all sorts of bespoke floor coverings with extremely soft fibers, dense backings, and thick pile heights for the comfiest addition to your space. Every specific area requires different solutions. Whether you are looking for non-slip floor coverings for enhanced safety or weather-resistant outdoor mats for all seasons, we offer you a complete range of these floor coverings. Besides, you can opt for our soft-textured coir mats for entryways.

Custom Door Mats Dubai
Viminston Doormat Outdoor Indoor Home Mat

Benefits Of Having Our Mats in Every Area

Are you finding the #1 quality custom door mats Dubai? We offer our regular to special Waterhog mats for every area with incredible features. Our entrance floor coverings are designed to facilitate you in the most beneficial ways.

  • Enhance safety with our fade moisture-resistant, and non-slip rubber coverings.
  • Add style and excitedly welcome embrace your guests with logo and welcome mats.
  • Protect your floor from dirt, debris, and scratches with our dirt and dust-repellent options.

Bespoke Varieties!

Custom Mats For Residential & Commercial Use

Get our specialized services for exit or entrance mats right according to your requirements. Our professionals will keenly listen to details about your area dimensions, personal preferences, and functional requirements. Based on your specifications, we’ll serve you with the best piece suitable for comfort and styling.

Our workers will note the details provided by clients in terms of size, shape, design, thickness, colors, backings, textures, and fiber types. From natural to synthetic fibers, low to high pile, small to standard sizes, and neutral to printed custom door mats Dubai all the options are available. You can get our designer floor coverings for every residential or commercial entrance.

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Why Choose Us For Custom Door Mats Dubai?

At Customized Logo Mats, we specialize in tailoring custom floor coverings right according to our customer’s needs. You can always come to our shop and communicate with our professionals about area requirements and your design preferences. We create a custom piece after understanding your specifications. However, for your space styling, you can take our expert’s advice. Our workers will then craft the floor coverings focusing on all the details, i.e., size, shape, design, etc. We use premium-grade fibers in the customization and have satisfied so many customers with our products, thus, you can completely rely on us.

Happy Customers

We prioritize our clients’s preferences and always make them happy with our top-quality floor coverings.


Our brand has won many awards for providing the best floor-covering designs in the United Arab Emirates.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have an expert team to personalize floor coverings per your preferences and style. You can choose our tailored option with bespoke fiber, color, pattern, texture, shape, and size at affordable rates. Moreover, we also assist you in choosing the most suitable options.

We use durable and resilient materials in manufacturing floor coverings such as nylon, polypropylene, and rubber. All these options with sustainable underlayment make our floor coverings highly dust, stain, and moisture-resistant.

To pick a perfect-sized floor covering, you must consider the width of your door. Choose a piece of floor covering that should be at least 80% of the width of the door. Furthermore, our team also assists you in choosing an appropriate size per your door entrance area and footwear condition.

We use heavy-duty acrylic and latex paint on these floor coverings to protect them from scratches, dust accumulation, staining, and moisture absorption. This protective paint layer also keeps our floor coverings fresh and durable for the long term.

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