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At Customized Logo Mats, you will find the best collection of Custom horse mats dubai  from which you can select any according to your choice at really reasonable prices. We take pride in supplying premium quality floor coverings every time to our every customer and have won their trust.

Best Horse Stall Mats Dubai
Reliable Horse Stall Mats Dubai

Enhance Horse Performance with Premium Mats

There are several compelling things that make our horse mats dubai the best choice. These stable mats being highly sustainable, can provide a firm grip to your horse while standing or in any training. Our top-quality equine mats are considered an ideal choice for equestrian needs and several other areas where you need to ensure a protected and comfortable environment for your horse.

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We are available online as well for your convenience. So, now you can place an order online at us by contacting our staff which can also help you in selecting the right mats for your horse from our vast collection. We will make sure you get the parcel on time at your given location.

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Shop Our the Best Horse Mats Dubai: Superior Protection and Comfort

We have a wide variety available at our store regarding these high-quality horse mats dubai for durability and comfort in stables. You can pick up our top-notch and affordable horse stall mats for sale with the help of our staff. Our equestrian mats are much more popular in the market as they provide complete protection to your horses.

Horse stall Mats
Horse Mats in Dubai

Some Amazing Benefits of Our Mats for Horses

We supply high-quality custom horse mats dubai for stall with superior cushioning, and they come up with some amazing benefits. You can get your hands on our interlocking mats for easy installation. These pocket-friendly mats have some incredible qualities, which are mentioned below.

  • They provide optimal comfort to your horse while it’s training or testing.
  • These mats are non-porous and have a moisture-resistant nature.
  • They can enhance the safety of your horse and can last for years.

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Our brand is popular across the UAE, providing its first-class mats and offering seamless amenities. We have done so many projects showing off over skills in customization. You can come to us at any time and can discuss the details of your preferred custom Horse mats dubai. Our team will understand your requirements and will facilitate you with the high-quality mats that you desire for your horse. Our team is all the time available to provide you with professional assistance, thus, you can call us at any time and can place your order by sitting at your home.

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We have made a range of customers happy with our top-rated services in every region of the UAE and have won the trust.


Our company has won so many awards of being a leading brand among, offering its supreme quality mats at discounted rates.

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

Our horse mats feature a non-porous structure and, hence are very easy to clean. You can clean them with the help of a pressure washer and can also make use of non-acidic cleaners or detergents and deodorizing agents at times. For effective disinfecting, it’s a good idea to use warm water.

Horse stall mats are quite long-lasting and can stay serviceable for around 1o to 15 years, at least. That’s because they are resistant to most damaging factors, like water, sun damage, and impact damage. Besides, good maintenance can also play a vital role in improved longevity.

The standard sizes of horse mats include 2’ x 2’, 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 12’, 12’ x 12’ and 12’ x 14’. As for thickness, it is usually around ½ inches or ¾ inches and the weight can be up to 100 lb. These mats can also be cut easily to fit different spaces. A regular horse stall requires around six mats.

The foremost consideration in this regard is that the matting should follow the measurements of the horse stall. Moreover, it should have enough thickness to bear the weight of the horse and allow for easy movement and cleaning. Mat traction should also be prioritized.

Horse stall mats made from vulcanized rubber and EVA foam are completely waterproof and non-absorbent as well. However, other materials such as non-vulcanized rubber cannot stand getting wet if they are not thick enough. The matting should be anti-slip for maximum safety.

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