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We offer the best variety of Custom Coir Mats at budget-friendly rates in Dubai & nearby cities. These coconut mats are an entirely environment-friendly choice and can be used in all residential and commercial areas. We provide them in a range of sizes and thicknesses for every use and can custom-design them for you as well.

Coir Mats Dubai
Coir Mats

Trendy Types Of Coconut Mats At Our Shop

Our best-selling coconut mat types include:

  • Heavy-duty Custom Coir Mats dubai: These hard-wearing and durable mats are excellent for commercial use and outdoors; they can withstand heavy footfall and impact damage.
  • Funny Coir Doormat: They are perfect for giving a whimsical, welcoming touch to interiors. You can place them at your home entrance or next to any room.
  • Coir Stair Runners: These runners will make your stairs safer, more presentable and easier to clean. They are highly energy-efficient and can last for many years.
Coir Mats

What Are Custom Coir Mats dubai Made Of?

These eco-friendly mats are designed with coconut fibers (hairy outer of coconut husk). The resultant matting has a tough surface that effectively wipes footwear of dirt and debris. Water can easily seep through this matting and dry rapidly without leading to any mold or mildew buildup. These mats are excellent for placing at entrances and in walkways.

Natural Coir Mats Dubai

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Have Your Favorite Personalized Custom Coir Mats Dubai

We also offer the exclusive service of designing custom mats for different decor themes and/or unique requirements. Other than personalized colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, you can get a custom logo mats for outstanding home decor or impressive marketing of your business.

For extra benefits and longevity, we also provide pre-attached backings with these customized mats.

Classic Coir Door Mat
Natural Coir Hello Outdoor Dubai

Prominent Features Of Our Coir Flooring

These mats are an entirely eco-friendly and sustainable choice that will keep your homes healthy. They are very easy to deal with and will last longer than all other coverings. The rest of their benefits are explained ahead:

  • Our coconut mats are 100% hypoallergenic and non-toxic, best for improving indoor air quality.
  • They prevent the transfer of dirt, dust, and moisture indoors, hence keeping them clean and hygienic.
  • They also keep floors dry by absorbing moisture and are very easy to clean as well. Plus, they are an ideal choice for busy areas.

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Why Choose Us Our Coir Mats Dubai?

Customized Logo Mats is known for supplying the best quality flooring and matting products in the UAE. Custom Coir Mats dubai belong to our latest mat collections and they are the most useful, versatile, and cost-effective floor matting you can ever find. We stock huge size, shape, and design options for these mats and the pricing of every piece is really affordable. You can shop for them online or benefit from our delivery services.

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Our company is amongst the best mat providers in the UAE and has endless successful projects on its credit.


We offer products and services that are both economical upfront and useful in the long run, hence favorable investments.

FAQs |  Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our coir floor mats can absorb high amounts of water which makes them useful in maintaining anti-slip floors. They are highly waterproof themselves, meaning they don’t get damaged by moisture and there is no likelihood of mold or mildew growth or odors either.

For regular cleaning, you can simply shake the mats, this will help get rid of any accumulated dirt or dust. The mats can be vacuum-cleaned once a week to retain the look. Besides, spot cleanups and deep cleanups should also be performed periodically or right after any accidents.

Yes, these mats can be used outdoors and they also make the perfect doormats or welcome matting. They cannot be damaged by rain, snow, or sunlight and can help wipe debris off feet. However, it is advised to store these mats indoors during intense weather for durability.

Coconut mats are usually 12 mm to 23 mm thick, and 17 mm is the thickness that is recommended for most uses. The suitable thickness depends on the purpose of the room, the footfall it receives, and usage intensity. 20 mm, 24 mm, and 30 mm thick mats can also be used.

Natural Coir Mat